Revision Masterclasses – Do they work?

Revision Masterclasses – Do they work?

We are coming to that time of year where all Key Stage 4 students are starting to realise what is around the corner. GCSE Exam Time Are they prepared for it? Are they doubting themselves? What can we do as parents/guardians to help children through this stressful...
Preparation for GCSE  Revision Tips

Preparation for GCSE Revision Tips

Preparation for GCSE Here at NEGU Tuition Services we are currently providing 1-2-1 high quality bespoke GCSE tuition to many students both online and face to face. For some students they are getting very close to mocks and real exams, this is a time of both worry and...

NEGU September Newsletter

NEGU Newsletter SEP 22 (1)  Things have been a bit hectic lately so our September Newsletter is a little late. Please take the time to have a look as there are many interesting features including: student success story our success story hall of fame for tutor reviews...
Should Exams be Banned?

Should Exams be Banned?

A second lockdown began on Thursday, and we have been left questioning the safety of allowing students and teachers to enter schools. With Covid cases on the rise across the UK since September, it’s hard to ignore the impact that opening schools must have had.    With...