Revision Masterclasses – Do they work?

Mar 2, 2023

We are coming to that time of year where all Key Stage 4 students are starting to realise what is around the corner.

GCSE Exam Time

Are they prepared for it?

Are they doubting themselves?

What can we do as parents/guardians to help children through this stressful period?

This is where the revision masterclasses come into their own.

Initially, these sessions help students that might have gaps in their knowledge, maybe due to sickness, where they have missed some vital days in school. The revision will help them to fill in the gaps.

Secondly, they also help students that have no gaps in their knowledge but start to doubt their ability. This is a great way for them to reaffirm their knowledge, thus building their confidence and reducing stress.

Finally, the little tips and tricks that the students pick up on, during these sessions, ensures they score every available point.

The reality check – GCSE Results

In my career in education, I have seen many students get exam results that did not truly reflect their ability. Being overconfident meant that they cut corners and lost silly marks that may then have led to a lower grade. In reverse, less able students that have paid attention to the technique of working towards maximum points have achieved grades higher than initially predicted. I have seen this occur time and time again.

The solution – Exam Technique and Knowledge

The answer is easy. Simply, get your child booked onto a reliable and reputable masterclass/ revision class or 1-2-1 tuition.

The tutor should cover the key points for the given topic, fill in any gaps in knowledge or misconceptions and restore the student’s confidence in their ability. This will allow students to develop their subject knowledge.

As well as that, they should also demonstrate excellent exam technique, allowing your child to maximise the points they can gain, subject to their ability. It gives students a clearer understanding of what the examiners are looking for when marking papers.

The dangers – Use a reputable company

Having said that, not all tutors that offer revision have the in-depth exam assessment criteria knowledge or the experience of how points are allocated to ensure they can pass on all this vital knowledge to your child. I constantly see adverts on social media promising great things, but it is unclear if the tutors have any formal qualifications or even if they have an enhanced up to date DBS.

My advice is always to go with a quality tuition company like NEGU Tuition Services rather than an unknown individual. Things you can do are:

Ask friends and colleagues if they can recommend anyone they have used.

Reach out on social media to trusted groups asking for recommendations.

Go to the company website and check their reviews. Better still do they have a trust pilot rating. ( we have an excellent rating at NEGU Tuition)

Reviews – NEGU Tuition

Negutuition Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

Reviews  – High Quality Tuition

I’m sorry but I can’t resist adding our latest 2 reviews in here. By the way both tutors are called Amy. They are speaking about different tutors.

Review 1 07/02/23

My child has been so enthusiastic about Amy and always looked forward to his lessons.
Amy is very engaging, supportive and fun. I would highly recommend her.

Review 2 26/01/23

Amy tutored my daughter who was reluctant and shy but with Amy’s patience and style of teaching she broke through those barriers and has brought M along with her studies. I highly recommend Amy.She is patient, knowledgeable, fun and friendly.

Call the company and ask questions, see if you like the responses. ( I spend a lot of time just talking to parents about their tuition needs, simply call me on 07555798972)

What else can I do?

There are a host of revision websites available free of charge. I would recommend the following ones:

GCSE – BBC Bitesize

GCSE Revision Help and Study Tools – 148,272 GCSE resources (

All subjects – Key Stage 4 – Oak National Academy (

NEGU Tuition Services – What we offer

Here at NEGU Tuition we offer bespoke 1-2-1 tutor sessions on all topics. We are also in the planning stage for our Easter GCSE Revision Masterclasses.

We are very proud of the bank of tutors we have available to provide top quality tuition. Our prices are very reasonable and start from as little as £25 hour. We are now providing tuition in Medway, Kent, Swale, Essex, London, Surrey, Cheshire and abroad.

If you are interested in either of these options, then please do contact us by completing the enquiry form on our website.

Here is the link  Contact – NEGU Tuition

Wishing everyone as stress free a revision time as is possible.