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We recognise that mainstream education is not for everyone and some families prefer the self directed nature of home education. Home education allows you to incorporate exactly what is important in your family’s life, into your child’s education and provide them with skills and knowledge to achieve throughout their adult lives. 


Deciding to home educate your child and de-registering them from school can appear daunting at first. NEGU Tuition Services are here to support you through the process and ensure that home educating your child meets all of your expectations. Our tutors are experienced in offering home educated students additional tuition alongside their home studies where parents feel they may need some additional support in the core subjects. We are able to deliver a broad range of topics in interesting and innovative ways, embedding these subjects into topics of your child’s interest


Education is as much about learning skills as it is about developing socially and emotionally and we aim to support our home educated students in all of these areas. We support and provide a broad range of activities from home baking to advanced numeracy. For those home educated families who wish for their child to gain a formal qualification we can arrange exam registration through our local examination centre for Functional Skills or GCSE qualifications. 
We are happy to discuss your home educating requirements and expectations and understand that each child is an individual. We can offer support to home educating families in providing a good home education whether that be as an ongoing weekly slot of english comprehension and poetry, musical instrument lessons or other topical learning to align with your child’s interests. 

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