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“James puts Reuben at ease and uses encouragement and praise to build his confidence. This is exactly what is needed and what is lacking at school. James also has endless patience and is able to revisit methods with Reuben without Reuben feeling any pressure to get it right first time. James is also great at researching and anticipating the subjects that Reuben will be learning in class, so the private tuition has become an integral part of embedding learning for Reuben.”

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A question debated by many is if virtual online tuition is as effective as home based face to face tuition? The answer to this question is a humongous (indisputably) YES from us! Online tuition opens up flexibility (opportunities) in many different ways and one of the biggest advantages of online learning when compared to traditional tuition is that not only are we able to teach children core academic skills but we are also teaching them valuable ICT Skills that they will need both throughout their education and in their future careers. Technology will be a part of their future career in some way. 
We have developed a suite of holistic online learning packages to continue our vital teaching during these difficult times and beyond. All of our tutors work with the very latest technology to ensure learning can be efficient, personalised and extremely safe when working in an online environment. They are well versed in running sessions through many platforms including Zoom, Teams or Meet. 
Our engaging lessons use a variety of multimedia applications to deliver not only an educational but an interactive and fun online learning experience for our students. And let’s be honest, it is no secret that children love technology and any excuse to be online… Building upon that to educate allows our students to gain valuable skills in all areas. 
Why not contact us to discuss your individual needs? 

Why not contact us to discuss your individual needs?