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Could our SEN (Special Educational Needs) service benefit your child? 

Every school must, by law, make ‘reasonable provision’ to ensure that every one of their pupils is able to access the curriculum and progress in all areas of their school life. This includes not just academic attainment, but social and communication skills and physical and mental health and wellbeing as well.


However, some children will need additional specialist support and this is when an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) can be applied for.


The EHCP is a document which contains information on the child, supported by reports from outside agencies such as educational psychologists and doctors. It is presented to the Local Authority and if it is approved, they will provide extra funds to support the child until they reach the age of 25 years, subject to yearly reviews.

Applying for an EHCP can feel like a complicated journey and without the time or experience in how to navigate this process, it may lead to plans not being approved, or the right kind of support being provided.


Usually the school SENCO (Special needs Coordinator) is responsible for applying for the EHCP, and given the often limited resources of the schools and their workload, will welcome support.


It is interesting to note that according to Ofsted, fewer than half (46%) of teachers say their school has put in place additional remote learning arrangements for children with Special Educational Needs and that 59% of parents with a SEN child say they are disengaged with their remote learning.


If you would like any further advice regarding your EHCP, then NEGU are now able to offer a consultancy service. We also have qualified tutors who are able to offer support to your special needs child.


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