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“Lily is wonderful! From the minute she walked through the door I knew she would gel Really well with Finley. She gives me lots of advice as a parent aswell. We are extremely happy! ūüĎć She engages Finley and works to his strengths and weaknesses.

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Home educating is an incredible and magical journey for families. Continuing to teach your child throughout their precious childhood years can feel like a natural extension of being a parent, but breaking free from society’s view of the conventional way of life can also feel daunting and even isolating.


We wholeheartedly get it. Let us share the load and support your child‚Äôs education journey. Whether you are following a set curriculum or your child’s interests, we can get to know you and tailor an educational plan that complements your chosen learning style and educational goals.¬†


We offer personalised 1-1 tuition either online or face to face and we also offer small group sessions for those who prefer to learn alongside their peer group. Our online classrooms offer an immersive learning experience for those who prefer online study which comes highly recommended from our current students. 

For learners who require a more personalised and intense learning experience we are able to come to your place of residence to deliver tuition in your own home. This has the added benefit of providing stability and normalization for the child who may otherwise be feeling a little apprehensive about tuition. 

There is no ‚Äė‚Äôright way‚Äô‚Äô to study for gcse programs. We recommend you contact us to discuss your needs so we can offer you exactly the type of tuition that you feel is right.¬†


Our experienced tutors can offer a wide variety of GCSE tuition including : 

  • Short brush up courses¬†
  • Help overcoming those difficult topics¬†
  • Mock exams & exam technique¬†
  • Ongoing specialist support¬†
  • We have specialists in many different subject matters ranging from the core subjects of maths, english and science to foreign languages and music.¬†

We specialise in helping your children achieve. Our tutors offer a holistic approach to learning making sure that not only will they improve their level of knowledge but they will also acquire the skills needed to demonstrate core competencies and abilities during examinations. GCSE preparation has become so much more than just learning material and recalling information from memory and we are prepared and experienced in offering tailored, specialist tuition around the needs of our learners. 

Why not contact us to discuss your individual needs?