What Brilliant Tutors We Have

Nov 1, 2022

At NEGU Tuition Services things can get very busy. Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it. Then I get a brilliant tutor review or a lovely thank you message from a client or news of another student successfully passing their exam and it just puts the biggest smile on my face. This can be for online tuition or face to face tuition, 1-2-1 tuition or small group tuition. Tuition from Year 1 up to university and everything in-between. My 3 favourite things are receiving praise from a satisfied client, hearing our student success stories and speaking to a tutor to pass on brilliant feedback.

I would love to thank everyone involved in NEGU Tuition that makes this possible. The fabulous NEGU Team, the brilliant tutors, the hard working students and the dedicated parents.

I will share some reviews we have received direct. If you want to see more ( Google/Facebook/Trust Pilot) then head over to our webpage. Reviews – NEGU Tuition

Alison is great. She manages to keep L focused and lets me have helpful suggestions to support her.

Peter was approachable and made the children feel comfortable to ask questions where they didn’t understand

She is an amazing teacher. Very professional, very helpful and very informative. Highly recommended her.

Shahin is a very supportive teacher. He works on L’s weakness in her maths. He seems to care of how she is doing. L finds his lessons very useful and informative. He helps L with her problems with maths and always offers her support and help of methods to solve the quest.

Brilliant tutor. My Daughter loves her she’s understanding and teaches in a way that my Daughter understands.

Ted is very friendly and approachable and really engaged with J. He made J’s lessons as enjoyable as possible. I would highly recommend Ted and would not hesitate to have him tutor J again.

I can’t go without also thanking all the parents and students that have recently contacted us to share their success in passing their 11+ exams. This is what makes it all worthwhile.