Welcome to Autumn

Sep 26, 2022

I just love this season. It’s my favourite and there is so much to see and do. Take a look at this interesting article on Autumn Leaves. I just love BBC Newsround, it’s the perfect site for your young ones to keep up with news that is relevant to them. Why do leaves change colour in autumn? – CBBC Newsround. Also, our Newsletter will be on its way to you soon with lots of interesting articles and some things to do in Autumn. It also contains some of the brilliant reviews we have received for our fantastic tutors.

Now the days are turning a bit chilly why not spend time in your kitchen and get cooking. if you want to get the children enjoying cooking head to this link for easy recipes. Easy recipes for kids – BBC Food 

On the subject of food take a look at this brilliant article on how important good diet and nutrition is to enhance a student’s performance. How Diet and Nutrition Impact a Child’s Learning Ability (publicschoolreview.com)