How a flexible tutoring model improves the impact of tuition

Mar 27, 2023

What is a flexible tutoring model?

As well as the education that students receive in school many parent/guardians are turning to private tuition to ensure there child reaches their full potential. With so many disruptions to learning over the past few years this is more true than ever. Schools are also turning to private tuition companies like NEGU Tuition Services to provide additional education for their students. This is because as a private company we are able to offer a much more flexible package to ensure students needs are met. We can offer tuition during school, after school and at weekends, we have a wide range of tutors, we teach according to student’s individual needs. This is what a flexible tutoring model is.

Read this blog on the Government Website Create a flexible tutoring model to maximise the academic impact of tuition – Teaching (

Flexibility in arranging sessions

Our qualified/experienced tutors are located all over the country. Online sessions mean that we can access and reach a vast amount of students regardless of their location. Our tutors all work at times that suit them and again some prefer day time work, some like the evenings and others prefer the weekend. This gives flexibility to arrange sessions that works with the child’s schedule and workload. Here at NEGU Tuition Services  Home – NEGU Tuition we offer small group tuition ( online) as well as personalised 1-2-1 tuition both online and in person.

Flexibility in finding the optimum tutor/student match

Time and time again I see how important the relationship between the tutor and the student is. Finding the right match has a positive impact on attainment by the student. Here at NEGU Tuition we make sure we find out about a students interests and hobbies as well as their academic ability. This helps us to find the “right” tutor for them. For some students they may have had a bad experience with a certain subject teacher and this can make them disengage from the subject. Having a new tutor gives them the opportunity for a fresh start and can reignite their passon for a subject.

Flexibility in what is taught

At NEGU Tuition Services we provide tuition across a range of subjects and ages. From 11+ tuition to GCSE Spanish and A Level English and everything inbetween. Our pool of experienced/qualified tutors means we have experts available in all fields. As part of our commitment to you, we provide an individual learning plan for your child followed up by 6 weekly student progress reports. Our teaching is student led and the tutor plans and adjusts future sessions in harmony with the student’s needs.

Don’t just take our word for it

Our reviews speak for themselves. Here are a few of our most recent reviews. or click on the link to see them all. Reviews – NEGU Tuition

MARCH 2023 Reviews

Our experience with Caleb has been entirely positive. He is very well prepared for the classes, sets effective homework and has a friendly manner and a good rapport with our son. Caleb responds quickly to any enquiries and we would recommend him unreservedly.

Courtney is very approachable and my daughter enjoys and feels comfortable working with her.

My son enjoys his time with his tutor, Kirsty. He loves having 1-1 support for his GCSE English.
She focuses on areas that my son struggles with and gives him confidence