Does Private Tuition Work?

Jun 22, 2023

Who am I?

Hi, for those that haven’t read my previous blogs ( I recommend that you do) My name is Tanya Dady and I am a director of NEGU Tuition Services Ltd. NEGU stands for Never Ever Give Up. I am a fully qualified teacher and I have been working in education for nearly 20 years now. I have worked in mainstream schools, colleges, independent schools and out in the community. I have taught every age from 6 months ( yes that young!) to people in their 80’s. I have a vast wealth of experience and knowledge that I now put to good use in ensuring that we provide a high quality , meaningful and successful education experience for people of all ages. So, does private tuition work?

What is Success?

A very big question, I think. How do we measure success? Is it improved grades in school, passing an exam, getting in the school/college/university you want?

I think it is more than that. The measure of true success is making the student an independent learner, giving them the skills to self study, instilling confidence in their ability, making them feel proud about themselves and building resilience to face the challenges of today and the future. I could probably go on and on about the benefits like teaching mutual respect, seeing education as an enjoyable event being willing to have a go at things and much more but I will resist.

Do you need a private tutor?

A private tutor is not essential to success but they can provide a lot of support to a student. The bespoke sessions tailored to the student unfortunately are just not available in a school setting. Carefully matched tutors to students enable a positive and trusting relationship to build, where a student then feels “safe” and “confident” to try new things and go out of their comfort zone. This leads to a more productive learning experience. For more information on our brilliant tutors and company please head over to our website About NEGU Tuition Services – NEGU Tuition

Don’t take my word for it.

I can go on forever talking about the importance and benefits of education but for once I will let my clients do it for me. Here are a mixture of reviews that I hope give an insight into what successful private tuition means. I have so many to choose from but I will limit myself to 5. More are available on the website Reviews – NEGU Tuition

A selection of reviews

All of these reviews are genuine from customers. Each one gave a 5/5 star rating. The aim is to show that private tution is not just passing exams it is so much more than that.

Review Details

Amy tutored my daughter who was reluctant and shy but with Amy’s patience and style of teaching she broke through those barriers and has brought M**** along with her studies. I highly recommend Amy.

What does this tutor do well?
She is patient, knowledgeable, fun and friendly.
Review Details

Ted is an excellent tutor, very professional! His lessons are dynamic and entertaining. He’s very empathetic and captures my daughter’s attention. She learns new skills and enjoys the lessons. We’re happy with him!

What does this tutor do well?

The content of his lessons is good, interesting and entertaining. He’s empathetic. Give recommendations and positive comments to the student for their effort.

Review Details

Jackie has worked miracles enabling my son to progress in English. His teachers throughout his schooling knocked his confidence due to his struggle with handwriting but Jackie has helped him realise his potential & show him he is capable of succeeding

What does this tutor do well?

Building confidence & bringing out my sons abilities

Review Details

Absolutely amazing tutor! Made my ever so shy daughter completely comfortable and taught her so much in a short amount of time! Would recommend highly

What does this tutor do well?


Review Details

Imogen has been great. Really friendly and knowledgeable, has really helped my daughter achieve confidence in her exams and predicted a much better grade. Imogen has also been really flexible in moving sessions around when we needed. Thank you so much Imogen!

What does this tutor do well?

As above, she has been brilliant.

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