Common Sense in Education

Oct 25, 2022

Common Sense Prevails.
I am a big lover of common sense. In this world where there seems to be a gadget for everything. However, none of them work without applying a bit of common sense. It made me think about how NEGU Tuition Services uses common sense. We use it to provide engaging and positive lessons for the benefit of the student.
As you will be aware when we tutor your child we use a range of activities, colours, resources, voices, communication skills, images ….the list is endless. Not everyone realises the work that goes into planning a lesson that keeps your child engaged and active. At NEGU Tuition Services we believe every lesson should be an engaging and positive experience for the student. When the student is engaged and enjoying their educational journey, then that is when the magic begins, and accelerated learning takes place. Take a look at this website and see how many things you can spot that our experienced tutors use to keep your child’s attention. These tactics can be used during play time as well. Here is the link.