Benefits of 1-2-1 tuition

Feb 10, 2023

What we know

I think we can all agree that 1-2-1 tuition, be it online of in person produces, greater results than group and classroom tuition. This type of one-on-one intervention outside of the classroom is a key driver of academic success for students. Have you ever stopped to think why? I can think of many reasons and I thought I would list some of the benefits.

Of course, it goes without saying, that the relationship formed between a tutor and a tutee is the most important factor in the whole process. That is why we, at NEGU Tuition Services, go that extra mile to find out about the tutee’s likes and dislikes and take time to match up with a tutor that not only has the relevant teaching experience and skill set but also, where possible, something in common with the tutee. This could be a love of horses, a passion for writing or even a Harry Potter fan!

How it happens

So, the scene is set. Keen tutee, experienced and knowledgeable tutor, common interests and an agreed weekly timeslot when the tuition will take place. Let the learning journey truly begin. Already we are on a path to increased knowledge but what other elements contribute towards deeper learning, accelerated learning and finally success?

The benefits

The student never misses out on learning. If the student doesn’t show for a lesson, then the lesson doesn’t take place. So no learning is missed. This is unlike a classroom where the teaching will continue even if a student is missing.

The student is responsible for their learning and their responses. It teaches them to step up and contribute. They can’t hide behind another student in the class providing the answers or copy someone else’s work.

The relationship between tutor and tutee develops very quickly. ThereThis enables the student to feel safe and enables them to be themselves. They do not need to worry about peer pressure or getting an answer wrong and felling silly.

The tutors entire attention is on the student. They are able to quickly identify when a student is comfortable or struggling. They can adapt their lesson pace, content and resources to match and enhance the student’s ability and mood. By observing and communicating with the student the session becomes almost student driven.

One to one tuition allows students to develop their communication skills. Being adept at conversation is an important skill in itself and will benefit them for life.

Students feel more at ease and can stop and ask questions and receive feedback at any given time, This is not always possible in a classroom. This means that simple misconceptions can be easily avoided. Previously, I have taught many classes where simple misconceptions have come back to hinder learning years down the line.

In a 1-2-1 situation there is very little to distract or over stimulate the student allowing them to focus on the task in hand. Our brilliant tutors are more than capable of providing fun, interactive, challenging and rewarding sessions for students to learn.

What can you do?

Here at NEGU Tuition Services we are very proud of the bank of tutors we have available to provide top quality tuition. Our prices are very reasonable and start from as little as £25 hour. Please head over to our website to check our prices. Home – NEGU Tuition   If you complete the enquiry form,  Contact – NEGU Tuition   one of our team ( probably me) will contact you to discuss your requirements.

We are now providing tuition in Medway, Kent, Swale, Essex, London, Surrey, Cheshire and abroad.

Finally! I can’t go without adding some of our latest reviews:

20th January

Imogen is AMAZING! My daughter F is 4 and is learning phonics and numbers with Imogen. Every lesson is different and Imogen proactively adapts the sessions to make them interesting and fun for Francesca, but also educational. She is friendly and gentle in her approach which instantly puts Francesca at ease. I cannot praise her enough.

What does this tutor do well?
She adapts the lessons to suit my child. She makes learning fun.

13th January

Very knowledgeable, very friendly and patient for all the students, not only teaching how to write, also teaching student’s comprehensions and grammar. My daughter really like her.
She is very good to explain the questions and know which area the students need to improve.

9th January

She keeps the sessions very interactive

2nd January

Explain concepts in a way that R understands them.


Oh! I forgot to mention we have an excellent rating on Trustpilot as well.