Animals in Education

Dec 14, 2023

A Strange Choice of Topic

Hello, I know what you are thinking. Why is a small tuition company blogging about animals?

I can tell you that I think animals can play an important role in students’ education.

It is true that animals have a positive impact?

It is well documented that animals have a positive impact in primary school settings as well as many other places. The presence of animals can reduce anxiety and promote resilience in learners.

1-2-1 Teaching and Animals

I have noticed from personal experience that when my dog Scootz jumps on my lap during an online encounter , the student is instantly perked up and curious. I’m not saying that they were not fully engaged before but the sudden appearance of an animal brings a bit of excitement to the session. This is true in almost all cases. I could be teaching a student, training a tutor, interviewing a prospective tutor or talking to a client. The result is always the same. Scootz makes people smile and his presence visibly relaxes them. I know that students learn best when they are more relaxed. That is why at NEGU Tuition we go the extra mile to ensure all our sessions are delivered in a relaxed and friendly manner whilst still ensuring key concepts and point of learning are conveyed.

Mental Wellbeing and Animals

We all know about the rise in mental health conditions. We probably all know of someone that is struggling with their mental health which is why any opportunity to promote wellbeing is important. Here are my thoughts on some of the benefits of having an animal present:

reduce anxiety and create a calmer state

increase resilience as reduces feelings of being overwhelmed

easier to talk to others when there is an animal to focus on ( very beneficial for neurodiverse or anxious students )

stimulates conversation

animals are non judgmental and therefore makes bonding easier especially with students with social difficulties

watching animals can cause a drop in heart rate and blood pressure

What we can do to incorporate animals in learning.

There are many ways to do this. I simply have my dog Scootz on my lap at the start and end of each session. Depending on the students age, this is a powerful tool to keep them on track and focused as the reward time with him at the end is a strong motivator.

Sometimes I ask students to explain to the dog what they have learnt. They like this.

I use videos with animals in to explain different concepts. I may use the weight of Scootz to teach some math topics. I might ask a student to write about their pet or mine to improve writing skills. The way animals can be incorporated in learning is limited only by your imagination.

I am interested. What do I do?

If you already have tutoring with us then you could try asking your tutor to involve your pet, their pet or just animals into the resources they use when teaching you. All of our tutors deliver bespoke tailor made 1-2-1 sessions to enhance student’s learning and would be happy to incorporate animals into their learning journey.

If you haven’t tried tuition with us yet then give me ( Tanya ) a call or Wapp on  07555 798972 where I am happy to discuss your requirements.

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