Online Mock 11+ Exam Dates Released

Jun 30, 2023

I am pleased to announce the dates for our online mock 11+ exams this summer. I can appreciate that early access to these dates can enable you to make plans for the summer. Mocks take place on different days and times to match your availability. These provide an ideal opportunity to give your child some realistic experience of the actual exam itself.


Following the new format there are now only 2 papers:

Paper 1 English and Verbal Reasoning ( 1 hour exam )

Paper 2 Maths and Non-Verbal reasoning ( 1 hour exam)

There will be a 15 minute break between each exam.


Why book or take a mock exam?

Participating in a mock 11+ can be of benefit to your child. Anything that we can help with that could reduce the natural anxiety they may feel around the 11-plus will be a good thing. One of the best ways to do this is with a mock exam. It’s not just about the result and the questions they get wrong, it’s about following instructions, it’s about speed and timing, it’s about not being allowed to talk after entering the online exam room, it’s about filling in the multiple choice sheets correctly and getting those nerves out the way. Mock exams are a great way to learn, consolidate knowledge and refine exam technique before the real thing. We also offer a report of the exam highlighting a student’s independent strengths and weaknesses that can then be used to improve future lesson planning and apply more focus on the areas that require specific attention.

We also have a number of new tests available so if you would like to book your child onto more than 1 exam day you do not need to worry about repetition.

Available Dates

Wed 09/08 Paper 1 1pm and Paper 2 2.15pm
Fri 18/08 Paper 1 11.30am and Paper 2 12.45pm
Tues 22/08 Paper 1 2pm and Paper 2 3.15pm
Sat 02/09 Paper 1 10am and Paper 2 11.15am


The cost is £25 per test paper which includes marking and results.
For an additional £10 per exam you will receive a report of the exam highlighting a student’s independent strengths and weaknesses.
We are offering a special** reduced price** for existing customers ( who are currently having tuition) and the report price will be reduced to £7.50 per exam.

If you would like your child to attend, then please contact Tanya Dady on 07555 798972 or by emailing
If you prefer you can login to our portal and book the sessions yourself,  simply log in then on the left hand side select book a lesson.
Scroll through the calendar to the date you require and click on the appropriate exam(s)

Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.