Feeling Proud! 11+ Success

Oct 30, 2023

I am absolutely bursting with pride and joy for all the students that had a brilliant result in their 11+ exams.

It is lovely to hear from both parents and students about how chuffed they are with their results. Of course, NEGU Tuition Services can only take a small part of the glory. It is down to the hard work and determination of our students. I am delighted that their dedication has paid off.

Of course, not all students got a pass but none the less many parents have contacted me to say that sometimes these things are not meant to be and they have still thanked us for our hard work and support in helping their children become a better, more able and confident version of themselves.

The best time to start 11+ preparation

In my personal opinion the best time to start is about half way through year 3 or year 4 at the latest. This way a child gets a consistent approach and build up to master all the skills required to make the grade in 11+. 1 hour tuition a week is enough to steadily build and develop all the required skills without putting undue pressure on the child.

Having said that I also get many parents contact me in the very last stages asking for support. Again it is dependent on the child and many students that have a limited number of sessions just prior to the exam due also pass. Having said that, some of them just missed the grade by a few points which is heart breaking.

Overall, I would say that success rates are higher where students have had long term tuition.

After 11+

Quite a few of our students stop their tuition once they have taken the exam. Many students still continue and are already refining their English or maths skills and starting to look at Shakespeare plays. This will put them in food stead for moving up to secondary school.

Our enthusiastic and engaging tutors have helped students to develop a love for learning and the confidence to aspire to higher grade work. both they and their parents appreciate the value of high quality tuition and all the benefits it brings and as such they continue to access private tuition.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about the tuition we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have tutors ready to deliver lessons on all topics from Literacy and maths at Key Stage 1 right up to A Level. Take a look at the reviews on our website Reviews – NEGU Tuition

Here are a few reviews that I think are  fair reflection of what we do:

Oct 8, 2023  GCSE Maths and Science
We love Tracey, S**** bonded with her very well, and she takes on board all her advice.
Since we started, I’ve noticed Sarah’s confidence has improved. She has the right approach to a teenager, she knows what to say to her without making her upset.
Sep 7, 2023  11+ tuition
Found this company by chance. Great classes available for my son. Great tutors with a wealth of knowledge and experience for the 11+ testing. Would recommend
Jul 27, 2023 Year3 English support
Thank you Rachel for your patience dealing with a very hyper child and allowing her to go with the flow. An your help and encouragement really helped her at school too.
Jun 20, 2023 GCSE maths
Absolutely amazing tutor! Made my ever so shy daughter completely comfortable and taught her so much in a short amount of time! Would recommend highly.