Why Students Prefer Online Assessments

Oct 12, 2022

We at NEGU Tuition Services have seen many benefits to working with students online. We know that our students tend to work better digitally rather than with pen and paper. In fact, the digital route is their playground and sitting at a desk with a pen and paper is not the norm for them anymore. Unlike the older generation, they do not see a laptop or tablet as a barrier to communication in comparison with in person communication. Our tutors use lots of new and exciting ways to enhance the online experience and make sessions productive, positive and interactive.

Another great thing that I personally like is that for some people, the use of online technology to provide a positive educational journey, is accessible to many people regardless of their location or physical abilities. Anything that promotes inclusion and equality is a winner! With technology you can use coloured overlays and backgrounds to help with dyslexia and convert text to speech and vice versa for hearing or visually impaired students.The possibilities are endless.

Don’t just take our word for it, read this interesting article about the benefits of online exams. Here is the link.

Why Students Prefer Online Assessments | Janison