What makes a tuition company outstanding?

Apr 20, 2023

Here at NEGU Tuition Services I make sure that we offer a high quality tuition service that helps all out students achieve to their full potential. As a result of this we have managed to build ourselves an impeccable reputation. The only way I achieve this is by working hard, going the extra mile for all my customers (be they parents, student or tutor) and ensuring we have the best tutors available.

Hard Work

Yes, I can’t deny the hours are sometimes very long and the challenges never stop coming but that is what is takes to run a private tutoring business.

Brilliant Team

I couldn’t do it without the support of my brilliant team. Lin is on top of accounts, Amy does a lot of admin, the clients keep me up to date with how they are feeling and the tutors make me feel grateful to have the opportunity to run such a wonderful company.

Fantastic Customers

I spend a lot of my time talking to customers and finding out exactly what they want from private tuition. Many parents admit they do not have a clue when it comes to seeking educational support for their child whereas others are very au fait with the tuition market. Through these conversations I have gained an insight into what people require when they are thinking about tuition.

Successful Students

Time and time again I get to speak to delighted students and parents when they have achieved or exceeded their goals, be it closing the gap with their peers, 11+, GCSE or A level. Knowing that we have been an integral part of their success is brilliant. However, without the student’s hard work and dedication none of this would be possible.

Excellent Tutors

Our tutors are located in a wide range of places and come with bag loads of experience and dedication. They are constantly improving and adapting their skills to give the student the best educational experience they can. Just look at these recent reviews:

Review Details

He is contactable at all times and provides regular feedback plus as and when required. My daughter is comfortable and at ease with Mo and I feel like she is under no pressure at all.

Review Details

Our experience with Caleb has been entirely positive. He is very well prepared for the classes, sets effective homework and has a friendly manner and a good rapport with our son. Caleb responds quickly to any enquiries and we would recommend him unreservedly.

Review Details

My child has been so enthusiastic about Amy and always looked forward to his lessons. Amy is very engaging, supportive and fun. I would highly recommend her.
Review Details
Amy tutored my daughter who was reluctant and shy but with Amy’s patience and style of teaching she broke through those barriers and has brought Morgan along with her studies. I highly recommend Amy.

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