What makes a brilliant private tuition company?

Jan 17, 2023

Recently, I was speaking to a new client, and this got me thinking about the tremendous journey that we at NEGU Tuition Services have taken over the last 3 years. From providing a bit of tuition in Gravesend to now providing tuition in Medway, Kent, Swale, Essex, London, Surrey, Cheshire and abroad.

The Beginning

At the start, when Amy Loines started tutoring in 2019 it was just a one woman show. Now we have just under 70 private tutors on board to provide the excellent tuition services that people are looking for. We have worked alongside and helped people of all ages to reach their goals and aspirations and it is such a great feeling when clients or students contact us to tell us about their success.

The Challenges

The way the business has grown during the most difficult of times has been down to 5 things dedicated tutors, loyal clients, hard working staff, focused students and a truly talented and caring Director, Amy Loines.

The Success

This culminated in us achieving an award at the 2022 Medway Business Awards. The most prestigious awards ceremony in Kent, celebrating the achievements of both large and small businesses based in Medway Home – Medway Business Awards. This recognition of the high quality, high value service that we provide in private education has really validated what we are all about at NEGU Tuition Services. The photo shows Founder and Director of NEGU Tuition Services – Amy Loines proudly displaying the award

Our Ethos

Not to mention, I think at NEGU we go the extra mile every day to ensure that we offer the best experience to our clients, our students, our tutors and our staff. We have never waived away from our original principles of student-centered education allowing our students to flourish and achieve whilst instilling a love of learning and a confidence that will carry them through the journey of life.

Sneak Peak – Behind the Scenes

It might be hard to imagine what goes on behind the scenes at NEGU Tuition, but I thought you might like a sneak peek.

Talking to parents to help them manage their children’s behaviour

Talking to tutors offering moral support, mentoring, regular supervisions and training

Interviewing tutors and watching them teach to ensure they have the right skills and mindset to represent NEGU Tuition Services

Giving parents free advice on anything to do with education

Constantly watching our budget and forever growing and changing. We need to do this to keep our prices as low as possible

Monthly training events for tutors to promote a positive mindset that carries through to their tuition

For me, the challenge of keeping on top of Social Media and technology to promote our business.

Talking to new clients and making them aware of what we offer.

Keeping in touch with existing clients to let them know about any changes/improvements that we have made

Managing the NEGU Team to ensure we get the absolute best out of everyone

A robust recruitment process to ensure all our tutors have a DBS and relevant up to date training

The Bottom Line


Brilliant Reviews – Time After Time

Please visit the reviews page on our website to see the 50, 5 star reviews we have received to date. Here is the link Reviews – NEGU Tuition