Making Children Confident

Nov 23, 2023

Why is confidence important?

A child that has self confidence is more likely to be successful on both a social and academic level as well as being generally happier than those with low levels of confidence. They feel good about themselves; feel proud of what they achieve; believe in themselves and keep trying until they succeed; are able see their own good qualities, such as being kind or capable and they feel liked, loved, and respected.

The subject of confidence is vast but I will try to sum up some key points in this short blog.

What affects confidence?

Self confidence is a mindset. If a child is constantly criticised then they start to believe they are not capable. Children need to receive positive messages and encouragement from adults to help them believe in themselves. Over protection or parental anxiety is another thing that can damage a child’s self confidence. They need to make mistakes and find solutions to build resilience. If you keep steering your child away from independence they may feel that they do not have the ability to make decisions or try new things. Setting unrealistic targets for your children that they then struggle to meet can also build a sense of failure. Negative comparisons where you compare your child to another or they compare themselves to another can also build negative thoughts. Social media has a big part to play in this but that is another blog altogether.

How we can help your child build their confidence.

Building a child’s confidence is complex and can take time to build. It is not just a matter of praising them all the time with positive comments but give them some important life lessons which they can use themselves.

Our excellent tutors strive to improve and build self esteem alongside improving your child’s academic ability. Our tutors have a firm grasp of the subject knowledge as well as the ability to constantly assess your child ( formative assessment ) and identify weaker areas. Our excellent tutors adapt their teaching style to the way your child learns, instill confidence in your child and fill in the knowledge gaps. They help your child develop a love of learning and enthusiasm that they carry with them for life. Doing this builds your child’s confidence as they see for themselves the progress they have made and are capable of making.

At NEGU Tuition we provide 6 weekly student progress reports to let you know what your child has achieved and what they will be working towards next. Setting short goals helps them to see how they are progressing and builds their confidence.

The results of tuition provided by NEGU Tuition Services.

Our brilliant tutors provide excellent, engaging sessions that helps students to reach their full potential. Sessions can be online or in person and cover all topics and areas from Year1 support up to degree level. So if you are looking for English or math support. GCSE, A Level or 11+ just hea just contact us on 07555 798972 or email

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some of the recent reviews we have received.


We love Tracey, Sarah bonded with her very well, and she takes on board all her advice.
Since we started, I’ve noticed Sarah’s confidence has improved. She has the right approach to a teenager, she knows what to say to her without making her upset.


Nick was brilliant. My daughter was completely engaged with him. He knew how to keep her interested and really worked on her confidence. He knew when to change tactics if she was getting tired etc. He was also very helpful with feedback to us. I couldn’t recommend him more.
He is a brilliant teacher but also kind and understood a child’s humour.


Jackie has worked miracles enabling my son to progress in English. His teachers throughout his schooling knocked his confidence due to his struggle with handwriting but Jackie has helped him realise his potential & show him he is capable of succeeding