Grammar Schools in Kent, London and Essex – Prepare your child

Nov 28, 2022

I take many calls from parents that are considering putting their child forward to take 11+ exams and gain entry to a school they deem to be the best for their child. Many parents are bewildered by the process. Some think you just hire a tutor and that resolves the issue. I thought I would share some of my knowledge and experience with you.

Here at NEGU Tuition Services we have provided tuition to 100’s of young students that have gone on to pass their 11+ or private school entrance exams. Competition is harder than ever. For parents, you need to have a clear idea of the school/s you are aiming for. Entry requirements are different for different schools. Some schools write their own entrance exams and others use GL or CEM papers, they may just require Mathematics and English, but most will also add on Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning as well as Creative Writing.

You have identified a talent in your child. You want them to get into a Grammar School. Before your child starts the hard work of preparing for the entrance exams, you need to do your homework. Find out about the Grammar schools in your area. Go to their website and get familiar with their admissions and 11+ exam process. Do they use GL, CEM or write their own exams? A great starting place is Kent – 11 Plus Grammar Schools (  Know what your child needs to learn to succeed. Find a good quality experienced tutor that is familiar with 11+ and where possible has tutored other students for the school you are aiming for. Of course, I would recommend that you contact NEGU Tuition services using this link New tab (

It is crucial that the child has a natural aptitude for learning. Tuition alone cannot guarantee success. Finding the right tutor is paramount. At NEGU Tuition Services we pride ourselves on the wide range of tutors we have available in Kent, Essex, London and other counties. We strive to match your child with the right tutor to develop a respectful, trusting and positive relationship. This helps accelerate the learning process. We believe that tutoring should be a positive experience, every time, for the student. Many of our tutors have developed their skills in tutoring for specific grammar schools for example Borden Grammar School, Dartford Grammar School, Queen Elizabeth’s School and Chelmsford County High School to name but a few.

I would also recommend that you speak to other parents, reach out on social media groups and check reviews. The more effort you put in the better prepared you are to help your child succeed. Also, there are many avenues to explore, some parents buy the books and work with their child. Here is a link for CGP books 11+ | CGP Books They are a good way to start. Some start their children in group tuition after school. I would recommend that you check the group size before enrolling your child. Here at NEGU Tuition Services we cap our groups at a maximum of 6 children to ensure every child gets the attention they need.

You may consider 1-2-1 tuition. This costs a bit more but at NEGU we assess your child and create a specific individual learning plan with SMART targets. These targets are reviewed on a 6 weekly basis and a student progress report is provided to parents.

Whatever route you decide to take with your child. I wish you luck. I know that both my tutors and the whole team at NEGU Tuition Services love to see the children progress. It is always an absolute pleasure when we get a call, text, e-mail or Whatsapp from our students or clients letting us their results and thanking us for the service we provide.