Best Websites for Lockdown Learning …..Still good now!

Apr 18, 2024

What we did.

When we went into lockdown we knew that the need for online learning was at an all-time high. From Early Years to GCSE, everyone was feeling the strain and eager to keep students engaged and learning as best they can. That was when we posted a blog of free websites  for online learning that can help you and your child develop essential skills and learn in a fun and interactive way.

Useful Websites

BBC Learning 

During the first national lockdown, the BBC ramped up their online learning facilities, adding lessons, games, and videos across most subjects in the curriculum. They have a plethora of resources across several platforms that can enhance and engage your child in a fun and creative way.

BBC Bitesize  Home – BBC Bitesize

This has been a staple of online learning for years because of its free, easy to access and comprehensive review of topics. There are lessons for all ages and abilities, from Early Years to GCSE. They’ve even included Adult Learning!

CBeebies  CBeebies Little Learners app: Download our top free educational learning app for 2-4-year-olds – CBeebies – BBC

This is a way for younger students to access the curriculum. There are a variety of games and quizzes that aid learning, but are also really fun. A staple of mine is Numberblocks Magic Number Quiz; the little ones love it. There are multiple levels and simple instructions making it a quick and easy game to cement learning.


Is another section of the site that has excellent interactive resources. This is a mix of TV and educational content, so it can be tricky to know if your child is on the right page. Even if they’re not, it’s a great way for them to take in information in a safe way, promoting social consciousness and awareness of the world around them.

With so much free content, the BBC have really outdone themselves with this resource. It’s definitely worth a look.

Teach Your Monster to Read    Teach Your Monster: Free Phonics, Reading and Mathematics Games

This is really for the little ones out there. Teach Your Monster to Read is a great website filled with games to help with phonics, blending sounds and reading fluently. It’s full of colour, excitement, games and prizes to entice children and keep them invested throughout their reading journey.

There are currently 3 options when signing up: First Steps – for those completely new to reading; Fun with Words – for those that can read simple words; Champion Reader – for those that need a little extra help. The app version costs £4.99, but if you use a computer, it’s completely free!

edplace  The Smartest Revision App – Improve Grades – Build Confidence (

Another all-rounder for lockdown learning is edplace. With 3 subscriptions available and all year groups covered, edplace is one of the most diverse learning platforms out there.

You can create a free account with limited access to material, have an individual account, or a family one. This allows for more flexibility than other options that only have individual or school options and could help push your child further if they are finding schoolwork too easy.

National Literacy Trust    National Literacy Trust | UK Literacy Charity

Covering reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, the National Literacy Trust has something for everyone. The website is completely free and aimed at making reading and writing more fun for all ages and abilities. As an English teacher, I know how hard it can be for some students to engage in writing, especially if there is a lack of confidence. The National Literacy Trust has tried its hardest to make writing, reading, and presenting information as fun as possible. And it does this!

The website is littered with resources, starting from 0 months to over 16 years old. There are games, written exercises: there is even a beatboxing class!

How we can help you.

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Don’t just take my word for it……here are our latest reviews.

Check our reviews.

Review dated 17/04/24

Aisha has been a literal godsend to my son who is sitting his GCSE’s in a few weeks. She is knowledgeable and informative and is very relatable. She explains things in a way that he understands and really takes the time to make sure he gets things before moving on. I’m really hoping L***s’ predicted 4 will go to at least a 6. And this will be all down to Aisha! Thank you.

Review dated 20/03/24

Humaira has helped my daughter gain confidence and understanding in maths.
She has a calming nature and makes things easy to understand.
I highly recommend Humaira. She tutors my daughter for GCSE Maths.

Review dated 04/02/24

Tracey is an excellent tutor for my daughter. She is very patient, firm but kind and understanding of her needs. She is methodical in her assessment as well as in lessons and makes sure my daughter understands studied subject before moving onto the next one. We are very happy with Tracey’s support and teaching methods.
Thank you!

There are so many!  let’s go back a few years….

June 2023

Ted is an excellent tutor, very professional! His lessons are dynamic and entertaining. He’s very empathetic and captures my daughter’s attention. She learns new skills and enjoys the lessons. We’re happy with him!
The content of his lessons is good, interesting and entertaining. He’s empathetic. Give recommendations and positive comments to the student for their effort.

December 2022

Jackie is working miracles with my son. He looks forward to the session and is improving his knowledge and confidence hugely. He has mentioned that Jackie explains what he needs to know so that he finally understands it and that no one else has done that for him. Highly recommended

November 2021

Our experience with NEGU was great was start to finish. A personal phone call from Amy initially to find out our requirements was a nice touch. My daughters tutor was lovely and she really looked forward to her sessions. We used NEGU for 11+ so our time with them has come to an end but my daughter actually wanted to continue- that says it all!

November 2020

We had Tilly in to tutor our son who was struggling, lockdown happened and Negu Tuition brought in a online tutoring through meetings and chrome so we could continue the sessions. My son was starting secondary school and it was imperative that he not full behind. I believe Tilly has worked wonders with him and amongst all the chaos of this year going into new surroundings is very daunting for a child at the best of times, tilly has given Jayden the confidence to start new surroundings with a fresh mind. I could not thank Tilly and the team at Negu tuitions enough 🙂