Our May 2021 Newsletter

Jun 4, 2021

Find out what we’ve been up to…



Welcome to our May 2021 newsletter. Since our last newsletter school is now in full swing for our students and we hope that with our tutors’ they are feeling supported through this tricky transition. We know it hasn’t been easy for our students over the past year and we are very proud of each and everyone of them.

Welcome to the Team 

We have two new additions to our operational team. Tanya Dady has joined NEGU as our Bookings and Exams Coordinator and is looking forward to getting to know all of our families. Tanya brings many years of teaching and exams knowledge to NEGU and has extensive experience in working with children and young people with additional needs. If you would like to book in any additional sessions or would like to discuss the support your child is currently receiving you can contact Tanya at bookings@negutuition.com.
Lin Loines (If you noticed the surname, yes she is Amy’s Mum) has also joined our operational team and will be running our Accounts department. Lin has many years of experience of running her own company and overseeing company accounts. If you have any payment or invoice queries you can contact Lin at accounts@negutuition.com.
Our tutor team has also been increasing at a rapid pace; it has been an exciting time recruiting such passionate teachers who follow the same ethos of NEGU and our child centered approach. If you would like to familiarise with our tutors you can visit our tutor page here.

Recent 11+ 

Our second round of 2021 mock exams went underway at the beginning of May and were a huge success. We would like to say another huge well done to our recent participants! They did brilliantly, and with the strength and weakness report we are sure they will be on their way to reaching their full potential.
Many of the participants said that they found the exams enjoyable and we hope this provided them with an authentic exam experience in the lead up to the 11+ exams in September. We hold practice exams every 3 months and on more regular occasions over the summer holidays.

Upcoming Events 

We pride ourselves in keeping close to where our students are at as well as where the educational system is during the Covid-19 pandemic. This enables us to find ways to bridge any gaps to help our students enjoy education and continue to excel. Many conversations with our families has led us to feel the need to begin to run catch up classes to help bridge gaps that children will have missed during school closures. We have now decided to begin running a series of online classes.
Weekly Catch Up Classes for Primary School Students 
Our online catch up classes are aimed at primary school students and designed to bridge the knowledge gaps for what has been missed in the classroom during school closures.
The course runs for 6 weeks with one hour lesson per week. Children will be placed into small groups with others from their school year and have a focused lesson delivered by one of our fully qualified and passionate tutors.

Weekly 11+ Maths Class 

The sessions are run in small groups of no more than 6 children so that they can fully benefit from the lesson in a group environment. Our fully qualified and passionate Maths teacher will take them through an array of 11+ Maths topics to help them prepare for 11+ and Common Entrance Exams.


11+ Practice Resources 

You can purchase 11+ practice papers that are created to stretch and challenge your child. These exams are perfect tests to take in the lead up to the 11+ examinations or as an initial starting point to identify gaps in your child’s knowledge. Click here to shop.