Benefits of Touch Typing

Nov 16, 2022

So. What are the benefits of touch typing? As I sit here using three fingers to type the first thing, I will say is speed. In a digital world keyboards are everywhere. Being able to touch type is a skill for life. One of the first things my son’s secondary school did was teach him to touch type. He agrees that this is one of the most valuable skills he learnt. Some people learn to touch type quicker than they learn to write with pen and paper.

Touch Typing is a highly beneficial skill for Dyslexics and those who struggle with literacy. Read this interesting blog about the 5 benefits of touch typing. Five Reasons Why Touch-Typing Could Help A Dyslexic Learner. — The Studying With Dyslexia Blog 

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Touch Typing is a skill for everyone. There are lots of free online resources for this. I would recommend the BBC Bitesize Website as they have brilliant resources to start or improve your touch typing. I might even give it a try myself. Here is the link Computing KS2 – Dance Mat Typing – BBC Bitesize

Have fun and use the useful links to get started on your touch typing journey.